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SHARE your images & start earning


Share your amazing images with us and we will feature them on EzyPoster.

You'll start earning, once your image is sold as canvas poster print!

How do I start?
To get started, click on 'Register', fill in your details and click on 'Register Now'. We will then send you an automated email confirmation of your username and password. Once, you click on confirmation, you can log in, click on 'Submit Products' and start uploading your images in our website.

How do I upload my images?
Log in to your account and start uploading. It's that easy!

How do I know if my images are suitable for canvas poster printing?
To convert your image size from pixels to megapixels, simply multiply the width and height of your image size.
For example:- 2,500 (W) X 4,000 (H) /1,000,000 pixels = 10.0 megapixels.
Please refer to minimum image size guide in megapixels below:-


What happens after I upload my images?
Our system is fully automated where your images will be automatically resized to fit our website and the original copy will be stored in our system. Once, a customer purchase your image on a selected canvas poster print size, it will be recorded in our system and the sale will be sent to our production team for printing.

How do I make money?
Each size of canvas poster print from our website has a standard selling price. If, a customer selects your image to print on a canvas poster print, you will get paid according to the royalty fee table below. All payments will be paid through PayPal, therefore, you will require to register with PayPal. Click here to register, if do not have an account.
Please take note that you will be charged a PayPal transaction fee of 3.9% + MYR2.00 from the accrued royalty fee amount for domestic market (in Malaysia only) or 4.4% + MYR2.00 from the accrued royalty fee amount for international markets. For example, if total accrued royalty fee is MYR250, you will be paid MYR238.25 for domestic market (in Malaysia only) or MYR237.00 for international markets.

How will you pay me?
We will pay your accrued royalty fee to your PayPal account once a month on the 15th for previous month's sale. Basically, it will work like this:
1. You will receive an automated monthly sales report of total customer's purchased item. This report will state what was purchased.
2. If your total amount of royalty fee is below MYR150, we will accrue this amount until such time as it becomes equal or greater than MYR150, then payment will be made to your PayPal account on the 15th of the following month.
3. Please refer to the table below for royalty fee payment structure. If you are not from Malaysia and do not transact in MYR, payment made to your PayPal account will be converted from MYR into your local currency.

canvas printing, canvas print, canvas print malaysia

How do I track my sales?
On your 'My Account' page, you can see a list of confirmed sales by image, by canvas product type and royalty fee entitlement. Each time your image is selected to build a canvas poster print, it will be recorded in your account.

Can I buy my own image on canvas poster print?
Yes, you can buy your own image on canvas poster print. Simply, just click on 'SHOP' to search for your image, select your preferred canvas size and order now.

Can I buy at EzyPoster and pay with my accrued royalty fees?
We are currently not ready to offer this feature.

What happens if a customer is unsatisfied?
EzyPoster will deal with all customer service.
If a customer receives a damaged product, EzyPoster will arrange for an exchange or reprint of the canvas poster print. Customer will not be able to cancel their orders once they have confirmed payment.

Can I upload the Apple logo, a nice design I found somewhere etc.?
No, you can only upload your own original work or work that you have permission to share and you warrant that you have the right to upload on EzyPoster and sell, transmit or otherwise distribute the content.

What about the rights, copyright of my image?
The rights of the image will always remain with you or anyone you give permission to. By sharing and uploading your picture in our website, you simply give us permission to fulfill customer orders, produce the canvas poster print and you will receive a royalty fee when your image is selected and order is confirmed by customer. We will further have the right to use the image that you have uploaded for promotional purposes on our website or our other social media platforms.

Am I responsible for selling, production and shipping?
The customer that buys a product enters into an agreement with EzyPoster. We will handle all legal matters with the customer. You will get a royalty fee for the use of your image. You will not enter into a legal agreement with the customer. You enter into a legal agreement with us: we are allowed to use your image to sell products on EzyPoster, if your image on a canvas poster print is sold, you will get a royalty fee.

What happens when I give Ezyposter permission to use the images or renderings for their marketing?
We will use these images for our website, posters and other marketing communications. Whenever possible we will attribute you by saying that the image is uploaded by you. This does not alter your rights to the image; it just gives us permission to use the images to promote EzyPoster and you.

How do I remove my images from EzyPoster?
You can remove your images from EzyPoster by sending your request to imageremove@ezyposter.com.
If you or we terminate your account and you have less than MYR150 in your accrued royalty fee account, we will send you your final payment on the 15th of the following month.

Can EzyPoster remove my images?
EzyPoster can remove your images if:-
1. Image size is not within the requirement to print on a canvas poster print
2. Image is deemed to be inappropriate on our website. Please refer to 'Terms & Conditions' for further details.

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canvas printing, canvas print, canvas print malaysia

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